What if parents knew how to guide their own children’s writing practice? Would parents be motivated to learn how? Most parents would want to be able to help improve their children’s academic success. Helping their children learn to write better is something many parents would do—if they knew how.

Many parents know that writing well is a challenging exercise.  In fact, many of them had struggled themselves when they were students. Some are likely struggling even now in their daily lives when they have to communicate through writing: doctors, gardeners, builders, and entrepreneurs all have to write at some point in the execution of their duties.

Of course, in order for parents to effectively help their children, they would most likely have to overcome various barriers to their learning. That’s where strategic lessons on writing become valuable. Parents have limited time. They would learn anytime, anywhere and for short bursts, like five or ten minutes during lunch break, or a few minutes before retiring to bed. Lessons would be single concept, eLearning, and embedded in courses that are engaging.

At tall order, but these requirements are doable with the advent of modern technology. I’m going to bet that parents will jump at the opportunity to help their children develop their writing skills.